Reporting Period Time Breakdown

SERAM is a time-based reporting system (in contrast to event-based).

Time-based data is data related to a specific time span, such as a month or a year.

This is very suited for data such as:

  • Data from invoices, such as purchased energy 
  • Consolidated ERP data, such as units produced
  • Consolidated HR data, such as number of employees
  • Emission factors, such as country mix CO2e for electric energy used

Different time span distributions are supported in SERAM, such as:

  • Gregorian Year: 1 year with 12 months
  • Fiscal Year: 1 year with 4 quarters with 3 months each
  • Academic Year: 1 year with 2 semesters with 6 months each
  • 4-4-5/4-5-4/5-4-4 Calendar: 1 year with 4 quarters with 3 months each with 4 or 5 weeks each
  • Equal Month Year: 1 year with 13 months with 4 weeks each

And other time districutions can be created if needed.

Feature Categories:

  • Reporting Periods