How SERAM is installed and operated is completely the choice of the customer: SERAM can be hosted by us, or on premise by the customer.

Software as a Service

The software is installed on servers and technology operated by Sirius Technologies AG. The application is accessed by users through a web browser over a secure SSL connection and used like any other software package.

The SERAM servers and hosting environment is located exclusively in Switzerland and meets the highest security levels available to corporations today (banking standard). More information on security, networks or hardware is available by contacting us.

Support, maintenance, software updates and backups are included in the annual subscription fee. Second and third level support is provided to users directly by our trained experts - both IT and business users (CSR or HSE).

SERAM works with the most common Single Sign-On protocols (SAML2, OpenID, OAuth2), so that businesses can provide transparent access to the software without requiring their users to keep separate login credentials to the software. However, a mixed model is also possible when external users shall be granted access without having credentials maintained on the corporate SSO identity provider.

Software Installed by the Customer

The traditional on-premise installation of software by customers is the other way by which companies can use SERAM. Clients use their existing Windows and SQL Server IT infrastructure to deploy and run the SERAM application.

Under this operating model, an annual licence, support and maintenance fee is charged to companies, based upon the amount of data managed using SERAM.

When hosted on premise, SERAM can be configured to use Windows Integrated security to transparently authenticate and authorize users, thereby smoothly integrating into other intranet applications.

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