Reporting Periods

SERAM builds on reporting periods of a year for all data and configuration.

Each reporting period can of course contain smaller time-spans. Also, the reporting period does not have to start on January, it can start on the first of any month, both forward and backward of the period year. So if you need to report on the basis of a Hydrological Year starting in the preceding October (e.g. 1.1.2018 => 4th month of the Hydrological Year 2018), then SERAM has you covered. Or if you are in the UK and your Fiscal Year starts in April, so be it. And if you happen to be in Australia and your Fiscal Year starts in the preceding July, no problem as well. 

While the indicator metadata (name etc.) is not time-bound, the actual configuration of the indicators is. This means that you can refine the indicators relevant for you every year without losing comparability accross periods and thus meet the business needs.

Such a refinment can be, for instance, replacing a single input (e.g. electricity purchased) by a calculation summing two new inputs (e.g. renewable energy purchased and non-renewable energy purchased). If you look at the electricity purchased over time, you'll always have a meaningful value, making sure you can do a meaningful analysis over time despite the change in the inputs.

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