Pending Data Entry

The people who enter data are typically only occasional computer users and they just want to get the job done quickly without the need to know much about software or how to manually get to their Data Entry Form.

SERAM addresses this need by providing a simple list of links to their pending tasks. This list requires no manual mainenance because it uses the current date, the permissions of the logged on user, and the state of the data in the system to generate the data entry tasks.

Therefore, after logging on, the Data Recorder sees right away what tasks are pending, and they're just one click away...

...from their Data Entry Form:

As soon as all data has been set to Entered, the task disappears from the list on the dashboard.

However, if at any time some data had been rejected in the Verification phase, or if the administrator added a new indicator, the task would re-appear automatically on the Dashboard.

Since the tasks are not tied to people but role-based, it does not matter if the responsible person changes, the task list will always be accurate for the current user.

Feature Categories:

  • Data Collection