Indicator Data Flow

Every indicator in SERAM is associated to a specific structure type (e.g. Organization, Geography etc.).

Assume we have the following three indicators:

  1. Electricity consumed in GJ. This indicator is associated to the Organization and entered at the site level.
  2. Emission factor for the electricity mix in tCO2e/GJ. This indicator is associated to the Geography and entered at the country level.
  3. Total emissions from electricity in tCO2e. This indicator is a calculation (multiplication of the two other indicators) associated to the Organization and computed at the Site level before begin consolidated.

Also assume the following structure:


When you enter an emission factor for instance for Austria, the link between the sites (A1 and A2) will directly flow the indicator data. This means that, when requesting the emission factor on the site A1 or A2, you'll see that these sites display the emission factor of Austria, without the need to manage this factor for every site.

But the opposite is also possible: when you request the Electricity consumed for Austria, the system will look which sites have been linked to Austria and thus perform a consolidated indicator data flow, giving you the sum of the values of A1 and A2 as result for Austria in the above example.

This works for all kinds of indicators and types. In the example above, you could therefore also request the CO2 emission equivalent of office sites or logistics sites.

The indicator data flow is a key component of the sophisticated data analysis capabilities of SERAM.

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