Workflow and Workflow Management

In order to ensure data quality, workflows must be in place which allow for tracking the progress of data collection and verification as well as protect data from being changed depending on the workflow state.

SERAM comes with a predefined workflow designed for implementing a four-eyes-principle with a person entering data and another person verifying this data. Therefore, values can have three workflow states:

  • Open: Values can be freely edited by users with a Data Recorder role. After entering the value, these users can commit the value to the Entered workflow state.
  • Entered: The Data Verifier role users are responsible for either rejecting the value by re-setting it to the Open state, or to confirming the value by promoting it to the Verified state. They cannot, however, change the value except for the comment which can be amended.
  • Verified: Values are now verified and frozen. Only data administrators may restate values back to Open, except for forecasted values which may also be restated by Verifiers.

As shown above, each state uses a distinct color code which is shown as background on all values of that workflow state throughout the application. This allow users to quickly recognize the state of the values they're looking at.

Workflow customization

The workflow can be customized or replaced by any workflow matching the actual requirements. Customizations include:

  • Other color codes and labels
  • Adjusting what status changes specific roles may perform, including introducing new roles
  • Adding or removing states

Feature Categories:

  • Data Collection
  • Verifying or Analyzing Data