Automatic Culture Awareness

Users in different parts of the world use different representations for numbers and dates. 

The probably most error-prone item is the fraction separator in numbers. For instance, Germany uses "," as fraction separator while many other countries use ".". To make things worse, the opposite is sometimes used as thousand separator. Therefore, if a German user enters "1.000", he means one thousand, but if he enters "1,000" he means just one. A US user would interpret and enter the value just the opposite way, making chances of thousandfold errors in globalized reporting very common.

SERAM respects these differences based on the culture setting in the user's browser, thereby making the presentation of numbers and dates intuitive for the user, and reducing the likelyhood of mistyped data.

Examples of a number value with different browser settings

English (US)


German (Germany)


German (Switzerland)


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