SERAM release "Balikun"

Friday, December 14, 2018

A major feature release of SERAM has been deployed.

  • Support for persistent scenarios.
    The existing scenario functionality present in Data Gridis very explicit and by this also somewhat limited in its use.
    SERAM now has full scenario support based on inclusion/esclusion in Structure Management. A scenario is a definition of which structures are to be accounted for upon value consolidation. It is therefore now possible to compute partial sets of structures, such as "all factories" or "all offices", up to the root structures. Every query for values is now specific to a scenario, and reports such as the Data Grid Excel export also disclose the information about the scenario used to compute the data.
    In Structure Management, structures which are not part of all scenarios are displayed with an italic textfor convenience.
  • Include the Data Quality in the value tooltip in Data Grid.
  • In Data Grid, display a gray pen for values where a colored pen would appear if they were writable.
  • Query generator for Data Grid users with Manage Application rights.
    The system can now automatically generate a query which reflects the selection made to display a Data Grid. This makes it much simpler to create a query e.g. for analysis in an external tool like Tableau.
  • Option to display only "yearly" in time selection (via configuration).
    This is useful if a simplified user interface is desired and higher frequency values are only accessed via drill-down.
  • Option to allow read-only access to Data Entry.
    By default users must have write permissions on the data they select in the Data Entry selection wizard. By configuration it is now possible to also allow making selections where a user has only read access.
  • Option to display non-persistent values in bold in Data Grid (via configuration).
  • Display Default Value (with formula) in Input Values Excel report.