SERAM Release "Baise"

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Another feature release of SERAM has been deployed.

  • Enhancement of the Tenant Users Excel report.
    It now includes information about when a users last audit entry was, giving insight on user activity if the audit is sensibly configured.
    Effective Access Control Entries are included on a second sheet of the workbook.
    The functions assigned to roles are included on a third sheet of the workbook.
  • All Excel reports now have the Filter functionality enabled on the header.
  • Choice Indicators can have Comments.
  • The Indicator Tag selection step in Data Entry can be disabled (through configuration).
  • Shortcut action to select all units of a quantity.
    For instance when configuring the allowed input units, all Energy units can now be selected with one click.
  • Some formula enhancements (sign function, text support for calculations).
  • Application version skew detection with message.
    When the client-side parts of the server application differs from what the currently client has loaded (e.g. a server update was performed while users still had SERAM open in the browser), the user is informed and the application needs to be reloaded.