SERAM Release "Azteca"

Thursday, September 7, 2017

A minor feature release of SERAM has been deployed.

  • Automatically hide empty rows and columns in Data Grid.
    This feature had been requested by several customers in order to remove "noise" on the screen. Only rows and columns with no data whatsoever (dark gray) are hidden. The user can disable the feature by using a manual axis configuration.
  • Only display relevant input fields on inputs with higher input frequency than reporting frequency.
    For instance a site is created in March and has a yearly reporting indicator set to montly input, the January and February input fields will no longer be shown.
  • Include the reporting level in the Period Indicator Excel export.
    It is displayed in the same column as the calculation level, since these are exclusive to each other.
  • Keep indicator active when removing the mandatory setting.
    The existing behavior of returning to the activations as they were set before making the indicator mandatory was unexpected for users since the mandatory setting is an implicit "active". The system now sets all explicit "active" to true when removing the "mandatory" flag, so that the effective activations do not change.
  • Some UI behavior has been improved (error messages, trailig whitespance handling).