SERAM Release "Azerbaijan"

Monday, July 3, 2017

A major update release of SERAM has been deployed.

The new release contains major technological updates on the front-end side. With the availability of new tools, frameworks and browser capabilities we have worked hard to refresh the client-side code to current leading technology. The new technology stack uses TypeScript 2.x (which compiles to JavaScript) and ReactJS as client-side UI framework. As a side-effect, support for IE8 has now officially been dropped. 

We took the opportunity of the thorough client-side code update to also introduce full translation capabilities for the application itself in addition to the already existing translation capability of user data (indicators etc.). In addition to English, the UI is now offered completely translated to Germand and French.

In addtition to these major features we have also implemented many smaller features, such as:

  • More flexibility when selecting cells in Data Grid.
    By pressing CTRL (or SHIFT) while clicking a cell or column, they can be added or removed from the existing selection instead of replacing the selection. This makes it possible to select specific rows or column at once for editing, charting or performing batch operations. Also it is now possible to select cells without values, such as group cells.
  • Saved Selections can now be loaded with a double-click.
    And after loading a saved selection, its name is now shown as title and in the breadcrumbs.
  • Clicking into a numeric indicator field shows the full number instead of the rounded number.
    This allows to inspect or copy the value even when it is in a non-editable state or in a Data Grid cell.
  • Double-clicking a cell to perform a value analysis:
    On computed cells a drill-down is performed, and on base values the value history is shown. This also works in the value drill-down view.
  • Overhauled selection process in Data Entry.
    The selection process now uses the same concept as the other parts of the application, so that each step is recorded in the breadcrumbs instead of using an accordion. This also frees up some vertical space for the Data Entry form.
  • The Data Entry Form has been slightly redesigned.
    The section titles are now more distinct, the name and description have more space, and the visual representation has been aligned to the rest of the application.
  • The File Attachments process has been refined.
    Attaching a file is no longer mixed into the attachments list, but instead a distinct view, which aligns it usage with the rest of the application.
  • The Formula Editor in the indicator administration has been extended.
    It now performs syntax coloring and offers editing help via autocompletion. To invoke autocompletion, hit CTRL-Space.
  • The data tables in the application were refined.
    They are more pleasing visually and support multi-column sorting by using CTRL (or SHIFT) when clicking columns.
  • The markdown parser has been upgraded.
    It now supports Github-style tables and other features.
  • The Structures module has been overhauled.
    It has a new visual representation and slighly modified structure date selection. Also, the performance of the module has been greatly enhanced.
  • The creation date of structures can now be changed.
    This allows to adjust creation dates without requiring a re-creation of a structure node.