SERAM Release "Asturcón"

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The new SERAM release has many new features based on customer requests.

  • Support for attaching files/documents to Reporting Indicator values.
    Any Reporting Indicator can now be configured to allow file attachments. The handling is completely integrated in the normal workflow; attachments can only be added and removed in Open state, they are read-only in higher states, and a full history if kept even on restatement. Also, the presence of attachments can be checked in plausibility and constraint forumas. Also, attachments can be searched for computed values, which collects all attachments of values used in the computation process.
  • Per-indicator Data Quality and Forecasted configuration instead of one global setting which affects all indicators.
  • Configurable Empty constraint for Boolean and Choice indicators.
  • Extended formula language processor, which allows for dealing with non-numeric information of referenced values.
  • Enhancements in the management of Indicator Assignments (show or hide active entries).
  • Display more information about the selected indicator in the Action pane when managing activated indicators.
  • Allow defining which Indicator Tags shall be selected by default in the Data Grid Reference Environment.
  • Show information about structure, time and indicator in a tooltip on the headings in Data Grid.
  • Provide more value information in tooltip in Data Grid.
    This includes information about comment, constraint and plausibility errors, completeness, value interpolation, file attachments, etc.
  • Red background coloring of erroneous values in Data Grid.
  • Display forecasted values with a different color in Data Grid.
  • Resolve groups in user permission entry list.
    Instead of only displaying the permission entries directly assigned to a user, SERAM now resolves all implicit and explicit group memberships to produce a comprehensive list of permission entries which apply to a user.
  • Allow translation of the Unit metadata (name, description), even for built-in SI units.
  • Some minor fixes and enhancements.