SERAM Release "Appaloosa"

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The new SERAM release is a feature release.

  • New REST API for retrieving data.
    The API has an extensive query language, supports built-in name mapping for structures and indicators, and can produce various customizable output formats (JSON, XML, XLS, CSV).
  • Added new security mode for structures, where structures do not filter each others by permissions.
    While this disables some advanced access configurations, it makes access control simpler to understand and also allows for completely hiding structure types without the side-effects of filtering.
  • Day-exact breakdown of values.
    SERAM has always supported day-exact structure creation, modification or deletion. However, for reporting, only the end of period date has been applicable. For instance, if a new structure was created per mid November, SERAM would expect data for the whole year to be submitted, even though only two weeks worth of data were present. Now SERAM only expects data for the time periods which are affected (in this example that would be the year, Q4, and November/December), and computes values accordingly.
    For instance, an average time-consolidated value entered monthly with 10 for November and 40 for December would now yield approximately 30 for both the quarter and the year, instead of approximately 16.67 for the quarter and 4.17 for the year. Or a yearly entered sum time-consolidated value would be broken down as approximately 1/3 of the yearly value in November and 2/3 in December.
  • Support for Completeness computation on Choice indicator values.
  • Some performance enhancements and prevention of errors on circular references in indicator fomulas.